Sunday, August 7, 2011


Fear This.....

I am sure most people don't have the same fear that I do for my first triathlon. Yes, I do get a little scared thinking of the swim. But I have been getting out in the lake at least once a week since the first week of June, so my fear isn't the open water. Maybe the thought does cross my mind of a body floating in there. Especially when one of the girls on my team thought she felt a finger on Wednesday night's group workout. Yikes.

My biggest fear is of all the people passing me on the bike! I finally am feeling a lot more comfortable on my bike (which I have yet to name.....maybe a later post on the naming of my bike). I used to get so nervous passing people that I would just stop and walk past them with the bike. I feel fine now coasting by calling out, "on your left!"

I am just fearful of masses of bikes passing me since I am not the fastest biker.

I guess there isn't too much to do to calm this fear.

In less than a month, I will be a triathlete!

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