Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am about halfway through my half marathon training that is October 15th. I trained with my running partner, Anne, until recently. She did her half marathon last weekend Rock and Roll Philly. She PRed and was 2 hours 36 seconds. We ran together in May and were 2 hours 10 seconds so I am hoping that I follow her lead and finish around 2 hours in October.

But since Anne was away last weekend, I ran my 10 mile run with some moms I met from my daughter's preschool last year. I felt a little bit like I was cheating on Anne. I brought my Ipod, but none of these moms run with Ipods. I didn't know what route we would be doing and we basically just did 4 down a trail and 4 back then our last 2 miles around the track where we started. Anne and I always hydrate about halfway through but the new group doesn't drink anything during their runs. It was fun to talk to and run with new people, and they were pretty fast (for me) so I was glad to run with them. We ended up 10 miles at a 9:38 pace. I am going to run my 12 mile training run with them too, but I need to find a hydration/fuel belt before next week!!

This weekend my husband and I are running a 10K. I am excited because my last 10K was during a wind/rainstorm with 50+ MPH winds that actually took siding off houses. I finished 1 hour 3 minutes which is much slower than my normal pace for even a half marathon!

So I am looking for improvement this weekend.........and for my husband to beat me!