Saturday, June 23, 2012

Post-vacation struggle....

We went on vacation last week. I gained 2 pounds (I thought it would be more with all the pina coladas at the pool. They are loaded with calories but so good). My husband gained more but he won't tell me how much. I ran twice while we were at the beach. One day I ran/walked with my oldest for about 15 min then ran about 1.5 miles myself on the beach after I took him back to the room. The other time I ran 3 miles on the treadmill because my husband saw a bobcat going into the vegetation on the beach near our room. He didn't want me running on the beach with the risk of getting attacked by a bobcat!

So after our amazing vacation, we are home and trying to get back on track with my training schedule.

Upcoming-I have the Pittsburgh Triathlon at the end of July and a half marathon in Pittsburgh in early September. I am running the one in September with my friend Melissa. It will be her first half marathon!

I am trying to do one open water swim per week, one bike ride, and whatever running that our triathlon coach, Sue, tells us to do. Usually 3 runs including one brick (bike and run).

I got the 2 pounds back down by cramming in exercise Wed-Sat this week!

Wed-3 mile run, abs in the morning and swim/run brick with my triathlon group in the evening
Thurs-Body Pump!
Fri-3 mile run and abs
Sat-7.5 mile bike ride

So now I can be happy my weight is back down and enjoy the weekend........

Vacation 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Unexpected PR!

The Memorial Race my husband was the race director for ended up a great success! At least 300 runners and walkers took place to raise money for the veterans.

Besides it being a success for the charity they were donating to, it was a personal success.

I did not go into the race with any major goals once I saw that the temperature was supposed to reach 90 degrees that day. I was hoping to finish under 28 since I never had for a 5K, but had hit around 27:50 in previous longer races. My mind was playing a mental game with me!

I got there early, met up with some friends from college with some photos, and was ready to start!

Sorority sisters :)

It was about 78 degrees at the start, but I was convinced I wanted to stay about 8:50 for the first 1.5 miles because a hill came about mile 2. So I did and didn't pay much attention the last mile and crossed at 26:27 on my Garmin and 26:38 officially. I started my Garmin at the starting mat, not at the horn but I think the timing service started our times at the horn. 

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised and as my husband announced the awards.....

he even sounded a bit surprised when he said "In 3rd place for 30-34, my wife!"

So a great race put on by my husband and his Rotary club and a PR and a 3rd place award for me!! :)