Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready or not.....here we come!

Saturday will be a fun day! I am doing a half marathon with a few of my friends who are racing their first half marathon race!

Melissa-I met her in 2009 after we both had just had our babies (my third, her second). Her oldest and my daughter were in gymnastics together. We hit it off quick and became fast friends. Last year, Melissa lost over 80 pounds running and has done a few 5K races and 10K races. She decided in May to do this flat trail half marathon.

Kim-I pledged my sorority with Kim in 1997. Kim has had 2 boys and manages to work full time as a guidance counselor while running and doing an occasional 5K. She decided this summer to do this half marathon with us as well!

Another one of our friends from college, Melanie, just decided to run this race a few weeks ago as well. She has 2 daughters and her husband works long hours, so she has had trouble juggling the training schedule.

All 3 of my friends will do great!

I told Melissa I would run with her the whole time. We plan to stay at a 10:30 pace so we can finish between 2:15-2:20. 

I am treating this as a training run since I am doing another half marathon in October with my husband.

We are just keeping our eye on the forecast. We have had very hot weather this summer and hope that it is in the 50s or 60s!