Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 2 of Insanity + Tri = big steps for me!

This week I conquered another huge fear I had......riding my bike on open roads. I have ridden my bike many times in this little area where my tri group meets that is a loop on a road but there are rarely any cars and it is literally around a circle about 3 miles. Last week I did it over and over again to get to 10 miles.

But thanks to my friend Jen who encouraged me to do a course that runs from a local lake out to a little country town and back, I experienced a true "road ride." Jen is a newer biker on her road bike, and she said she was nervous as well. We had our extremely talented friend Annah lead us on this course. Annah is a true athlete and is doing a sprint tri on Saturday, so this was more like a relaxing ride for her.
I appreciated so much that she would show us this course so we can do it another time. It has rolling hills that I need to practice on because my triathlon in September is supposedly very hilly.

I survived and it wasn't too bad! Jen and I are hoping to do it again next week without our leader.

This week I incorporated two sessions of Insanity into my training again:

Monday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit Insanity + 3.5 miles running
Tuesday: 4 miles running
Wednesday: 3.6 miles running
Thursday: 10.2 miles bike road race
Friday: Cardio Power and Resistance Insanity

I still need to do a swim in the lake or pool this weekend.

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