Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trucking along to Pittsburgh half marathon.....again!

As I approach running my 6th half marathon, I still am enjoying running as much as I ever did! This winter has been rough. Very cold and snowy.

But now that I have become part of a little women's running circle, my Saturday morning long runs in the freezing cold have been!

In December, right before Christmas, most of us got to meet up for a "Christmas run" and breakfast at a great little cafe in Greensburg, Sun Dawg Cafe

Usually every Saturday or, at times, Sunday, a few of us are able to get in our "long" runs. There are times that I am running with some girls that aren't doing the half, and doing the relay, but they will still get in 5-6 miles with me, and I can finish the last few with my iPod for help. 

There was one Saturday that Melissa and I ran where it was snowing sheets of snow and we felt like total bada** mothers running through it. One morning, Kelli, Chrissy, and I ran when it was 5 degrees when we started. Kelli's black hair looked like a witch's hair after because of the ice frozen in it. My eyelashes looked like Lady Gaga. One morning, Rebecca and I ran and started at 8 degrees, when we finished our 5 miles, it was 7 degrees. So we were hard core ladies this winter!

Finally the weather has gotten better, and I got to do my first run in SHORTS Monday!!

Two weeks ago, my entire family got sick, and I am still coping with a cough when I am running. I am hoping for the half marathon that I can beat last year's time of 2:06, even if it is just by a minute!

Four weeks to go!!

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